Sunday, September 29, 2013

A Cool Place in the Woods

September brought us some of the hottest days of the year. On the hottest of those I had the day off, so we planned a trip to stay cool. We met my friend Brian at a place called Nellie Corser in the Gorge. It is an obscure little creek that few people know about, but it has lots of little waterfalls, moss, shade, and pools. We found a nice place on the creek with a few pools to jump and swim in.


Magnus really liked filling his water shooter up and squirting it at things. Brian also found a frog that brought some joy.


We had a great time climbing around on the rocks and falls. The water and shade protected us from the 95°F heat. And we loved the solitude of the quiet place in the woods.


Sunday, September 22, 2013

Oregon Coast Day 4: Making our way back home

After a few stops at Les Schwab, we got the cars packed and headed out. We stopped at a nice beach that Else likes to look for rocks and fossils. It was a little chilly but we warmed up as we walked down the beach. Magnus found several special sticks that came home with us. Elina won the award for having the most rocks to bring home, but since she studied geology, we let it go.



We also made sure to make one last stop at the cheese factory. Magnus found the loaf van and spent most of the visit driving it.


We made it all the way home and Ruth didn’t have to be in the car the whole next day. We had a fun time at the coast!

Oregon Coast Day 3: Blimp Hangar, Sand Car, BIRTHDAY

Ivan and Terry came out to the coast to help celebrate Anton’s birthday. We started by going out to look at the old WWII blimp hangar, now turned air museum, in Tillamook. We didn’t actually go in it though, we just wanted to see the immense size of the building: 1,072 feet long, 296 feet, giving it over 6 acres of area inside (you could play 6 football games at once); and 192 feet tall.


After some good times with a flat tire, we went to the beach. Building another fort for Magnus somehow turned into a sand car with Elina inside.



He she is cruising the beach:


We also had a nice walk. Magnus found this sand hill and wanted to climb it.


Dana and Magnus climbed up onto a ledge on the cliff with a very nice view. You can even see a little Ruth, Elina, and Anton out by the water.


And we ended the day with a birthday cake for Anton. Happy Birthday, Anton!


Oregon Coast Day 2: Falls, Cheese, and Sand

Morning at the beach house was nice. Anton and Magnus played some Wii U and Ruth made some German pancakes. The view of the deck of Netarts Bay showed us that it would be a much nicer  day, weather wise.


To start the day, Anton, Elina, and Dana went to see Munson Falls (the tallest waterfall on the Oregon Coast). It was very pretty.


Dana and Anton had to climb around on these logs to get a better shot. It looks more like we are sneaking up on something.


While climbing around on the logs we found this hollow log that had water running through it.


After the falls, we met up with Farmor, Magnus, and Ruth at the Tillamook Cheese Factory, where cheese, ice cream, and fun awaited us.


At the Blue Heron Cheese Company Store we got to meet some animals.


We ended the day on the beach at Oceanside. Magnus loved playing in the sand and water, and Anton, Elina, and Dana loved exploring the rocks.


They tide was particularly low, so we could make it to rocks normally inaccessible; we even found this cool sea arch.


Magnus was also pleased when we constructed a sand fort for him.


Driving home we stopped to enjoy the view of Netarts Bay.