Monday, September 19, 2011

Bugs. Berries. Battlestar Gallactica.


A week or so ago I went on a fun and exciting excursion. It had been a while since I had gone out in the woods to look for stuff, so Ruth was nice enough to let me go. So, I went out to an area I have come to like a lot near Trout Lake, WA.

The first stop I made was by Little Goose Creek Canyon, to see the waterfalls and the awesome cliff face with basalt columns. That’s Mt. Adams in the distance.


The larger of the falls was hard to see from the side of the canyon I was on, but I was able to get down to the upper falls. The river was very pretty and flowed over a solid sheet of old lava.


It was a very hot day (94°F) so being by the falls was very refreshing. I also saw this nice little red beetle on a fern.


I then went huckleberry hunting and found quite a few. If you have never had them, they are something worth trying. Many of the bushes were already turning red.


While picking berries I came across a small lava cave in a a clearing that was not on the map. It had a small marker naming it Cave 5. It was nice and cool inside, and I found some cave crickets. Here is Mt. Adams again, and the other peak to the left is Sleeping Beauty.


Next, I headed over to the Ice Caves. There are some very special insects in there that I like to find, and I like caves. The bugs are interesting because they have to live in cold temperatures, so we now have some pets that live in the fridge. There was still a good amount of ice and snow in the cave since it was only 32°F.



I also did a short hike near the Natural Lava Bridges. It was a very pretty day.


I just wish I could have picked more huckleberries…

Friday, September 2, 2011

Every Day Adventures

Here are a series of pictures we’ve taken over the course of the summer that didn’t make it into other blog posts.


Magnus at the coast. He charmed all the lady-hikers in that hat.


Dana got me this stuffed sheep and Magnus and the sheep are now good friends. Magnus enjoys it when she sheep rams him in the head and “baaaaa”s.


He is getting better at standing, but usually need assistance. He needed help trying out riding mowers, too.


At Farmor’s house he likes looking at the red flowers. He has tried to eat them, but has been unsuccessful as of yet.



These are the yummy berries that come out of Farmor’s garden. We put the currents and the raspberries into a traditional Danish jelly dessert served with cream. Super-yummy!


Dad makes a good pillow.


Magnus received his first set of Duplo blocks and Dana showed him how to play with them.

Keeler siblings IMG_2376

We got together with my brother and sister which was great. We had fun times!


At St. Helen’s we all enjoyed the pretty views.



Magnus really loves bath time, more so when Dana is there. He gets his own washcloth to eat in the bath and has a grand ol’ time.

IMG_2770  IMG_2892

Magnus likes eating other things too. Like my face… and the arm of the chair… or other people’s arms… it’s all very slimy.

So those are the good times we’ve been having lately. Stay tuned for further adventures.