Saturday, August 25, 2012

Lookout Mountain


Lookout Mountain was our destination on a beautiful  summer day, but it is about an hour up a rugged dirt road. Luckily my dad let us borrow his car. Lookout Mt sits in the middle of the major mountain peaks in the area and you can see all of them from it. So the view is very nice:




Mounts Adam, St. Helens, Hood, and Rainier:


It was also very windy up there, so we ate our lunch in the back of the car. I think Magnus is a bit too excited to have his plastic butter knife:


Magnus of the Mountain:IMG_7901






We were also very pleased to find a high abundance of huckleberries at the top.


So we had to spend time picking them. IMG_7928

Magnus became very good at helping, though all his berries ended up in his mouth and not in the bucket. Notice his purple mouth and fingers:


In the end, we made out pretty good. And now we can make use of our huckleberry cookbook Ruth got me for my birthday.


County Fair time again!

We love going to the fair. We took Magnus last year but he was still pretty young to appreciate it. This year he had a grand old time petting what animals he could and pointing at the others.


Here he is telling a stranger about the bee house.


They have an exhibit of exotic animals for people to see. Magnus patted the giant tortoise several times very nicely and only once tried to poke it in the eye. It wasn’t until we were leaving that we saw their sign at the door…


We’re glad Magnus touched the tortoise and not the snapping turtle that was bigger than he was.


Anton and Calli came with us and enjoyed some snacks at the end of the evening.


Thanks for the fun times at the fair, everybody!


Blueberry Pancake Day at the Grist Mill


We found out about this event on Friday and were happy to able to go on Saturday. The Cedar Creek Grist Mill was having a free blueberry pancake day for the public. They make their pancakes from flour they mill themselves and blueberries from a local farm.

We got there a little early to beat the rush. It also gave us some time to walk around a bit.


But soon the line started forming, so we got in it. The pancakes were very good, especially topped with fresh blueberry syrup.


They were also milling different grains to show how the mill works. They gave bags of it to the visitors. We got some fine flour and some bread flour.


It was fun to see all the parts moving. It reminded Ruth of the log ride at Knott’s Berry Farm. Magnus liked the bins of grain.


Then my sister showed up with her friends family, so we got to hang out with her for a while.


Good times at the ole mill…