Thursday, March 20, 2014

Magnus Goes to the Grocery Store.

Magnus likes taking pictures for some reason Winking smile. We have a camera we let him use when we go somewhere photo worthy. Today he wanted to bring the camera on our grocery errands. Here is his photo essay on the events. (All photos by Magnus Thor Jensen).

On the drive:


At the Russian store:


Then WinCo:


We looked at produce:


Bulk foods:


The Hamburger Helper glove is a favorite.


Checking out.


Going home:


Mitchell Point Hike

IMG_6027I really like to hike, especially to new places. One person at church has been wanting to come with me. We finally had a chance. Mitchell Point is a view point in the Gorge few people know about, so the trail is not busy. At the top you get a great view of the river and surrounding cliffs from a thin, rocky ridge.




A beautiful view:


There were even some flowers starting to poke out.


Before heading home we made a quick stop at Wah Gwin Gwin Falls in Hood River, which he had not seen. It was nice to have someone to hike with and we had a good time.


Cougar Creek and a Rock Guitar

We went on a walk down Cougar Creek. We had fun seeing the creek, the moss, and some bridges.


Dana put Magnus on a little island so he could throw rocks in the water. Ruth slipped in the mud and got dirty. Gideon mostly slept.


At one point, Dana picked some “special” rocks – one for Magnus and one for me. Magnus carried his most of the way back to the car, but then stuck the rock in his pocket. We stopped at a little beach and threw a few more rocks in before getting back in the car. Magnus bent down to pick up a new rock, and his special rock fell into his hand. I told him he might not want to throw that one in the river, but it was already too late. The moment it hit the water, though, Magnus realized his mistake and the look of alarm on his face is one we will never forget (but that we did not photograph). Dana saved the rock before any lasting emotional damage was done and we brought it home.  It was a successful walk.

Maybe in celebration of saving his rock, Magnus started singing to it. Soon the rock became a guitar. It was awesome:

February Gorge

IMG_5836Another chance to get out of the house is a good thing to take advantage of. We asked Magnus if he wanted to go see some waterfalls and he said, “yes.” So, another day in the Gorge. By the time we got there though, both boys had fallen asleep.

We did a quick stop by Mist Falls and then on to Multnomah. Dana wanted to see the broken bridge up close:


We also stopped at Eagle Creek so Ruth could find some smooth, round river rocks. Magnus had fun throwing rocks in the water.


Since Magnus had missed the first waterfall stops, we went to Starvation Falls. He was very excited and ran around a lot.



We also wanted to see where a giant landslide had happened on Feb. 15 that shutdown the freeway with about 400 dump truck loads of rock and dirt. This is the hillside that had given way.