Saturday, September 19, 2009

What We’ve Been Up To: Animal Edition!

Before we left Provo, we made sure to visit some friends and places we knew we would miss. Dana’s coworker, Joey, has a great collection of lizards, snakes, and spiders that he lets us play with sometimes. IMG_7496 IMG_7497 IMG_7515 IMG_7503 A pink toe spider: so cute! IMG_7508 Blue-tongued skink: this one only has 3 legs!

We also stopped by the foot of the bell tower where there are some ducks.IMG_7571 We got rid of our bread, they got a snack. This duck is willing to go the extra mile…IMG_2314 And this is what happens when you give a duck a piece of bread…

When we got to Washington, Dana made sure to let the kids meet the new pets. Here is Megan with our stick-bug: IMG_7770 Can you find him?

At Beacon Rock, this bird let us walk on his dock, Wasn’t that nice of him? IMG_8344 And again with the fish ladder, this time with a size reference. IMG_8383They look tasty :-)

Here is a video of the fish ladder!

At the beach in Oregon we saw all kinds of pretty anemonesIMG_2617 and star fish.IMG_2620 Look at all of them! IMG_8593 IMG_8601 We made sure to get a picture with one of them: IMG_8576 Dana gave him a high-five. IMG_2626

Keep your eyes peeled for Dana’s posts on his bug catching trips!

What We’ve Been Up To

After packing up most of our possessions into a storage unit,IMG_7659 we left Provo! We made it a nice leisurely trip home, staying with my Aunt Mary IMG_7691(thanks, Aunt Mary!) in Boise.  We made our second half of the trip unique by driving around Mt. Hood (without snow).  It was really pretty! IMG_7716 IMG_7711  

We made it to Vancouver in time to see Steen and Katie before they all moved to Florida.IMG_7985 IMG_7949 IMG_7960We also got to spend some time with Elina before she went back to school.  We had a good time hanging out together.IMG_7887

A few days ago, Dana and I went to Beacon Rock.IMG_2500   We hiked up all 52 switchbacks to the top,IMG_8237 849 ft above sea level.  IMG_8249  This is taller than any point in Rhode Island (812 ft).  Then we went to see the fish ladder at the Bonneville Dam. IMG_8388 This lamprey IMG_8411 didn’t read about how it was for salmon. It was a nice afternoon.

Yesterday, we went to the beach with Dana’s brother and Mom. We hit the Tillamook cheese factoryIMG_8499 and ate tasty ice cream (and cheese!).  And we drove out to Ecola State parkIMG_8533 and Indian head beach.IMG_8571   It was a beautiful day at the beach.  IMG_2580

Saturday, September 5, 2009


DSC_0116 (1024x680)

We did it. We both graduated from BYU. It all happened in August, but after all the festivities and the moving and everything else that has been happening, we finally have time to post about it.

It was a lot of fun. We both had family come to celebrate with us. Ruth’s parents came out from Rhode Island with her sister, Emily, and her kids, Matthew and Anna. Dana’s parents came out from Washington with his brother Anton and sister Elina.

IMG_6692 (1024x768)

It was a busy weekend. It made some of us very tired:

DSC_0319 (1024x680) 

We spent time at parks with the family, including some aunts and uncles.

IMG_6563 (768x1024) IMG_6564 (1024x768) IMG_6699 (1024x768)  

Friday night, after all the ceremonies, we had a picnic dinner in South Fork of Provo Canyon

IMG_6728 (1024x768)DSC_0351 (1024x680)DSC_0395 (1024x680) 

Thank you to everyone that came. And thank you to everyone that helped us get through to the end.