Friday, December 20, 2013

Under a Veil of Ice


For at least a week we had very cold temperatures everyday where it was in the thirties or lower (more often lower). I really like seeing waterfalls with the ice build up, so I headed to the Gorge. Ruth decided to stay home where it would be warmer.

My first stop was Latourell Falls, one we like to frequent. I looked very nice. I took the trail to Upper Latourell Falls and saw some great ice formations.


I like to see how the constant spray from the falls layers the ice in interesting ways. Especially on the plants. Notice the moss on a tree, or the little stick with the ice sail.


And the ice behind the waterfall made some cool shapes.


Next I took the short hike to Bridal Veil Falls. This is one I have only seen when it is all green



Horsetail Falls had a really neat looking rock wall with ice.


My last stop was Elowah Falls, where we went a few weeks ago. The ice formations were the best here. Elowah Falls is set farther back in its canyon and is better protected from the wind. By the time I had gotten here the temperature had gotten to 37°F, so a lot of the more delicate ice structures were melting and falling off things. While I was looking at the waterfall, a very large piece of ice broke off from the top and fell the 200 ft. to the bottom. There was a loud boom when it hit, then a shock wave shook all the tree causing more ice to fall. It was awesome.


The bridge was quite a sight. It had been transformed in to a sheet of ice.


And the ice dome the water created was pretty big.



Some cool plants that look like a bit alien:


Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A Frigid Search for the Perfect Christmas Tree


Our adventure to find the perfect tree this year took us into the Gifford Pinchot National Forest. We did this last year and had a great time doing it. Plus it gave us a chance to get one-week-old  Gideon out into the world an into the forest. We stopped in Carson to pick up Brian, who came with us to find our Christmas Tree. Magnus had fun seeing Brian’s neighbor’s chickens.


The temperature out there was a crisp 21°F, with beautiful blue skies. Where we went for a tree had gotten some snow, but only a few inches. Magnus liked how his feet made foot prints in the snow. Ruth fed Gideon in the car, while the rest of us searched for the tree.


It was truly a beautiful day and there were several good trees. Several pictures look like Christmas cards.


Magnus spent a lot of time on this stump because the snow started getting deeper.


A good candidate:


When we found a few good ones, Ruth and Gideon came to help make a decision. This is the one we picked. Brian was a big help getting it attached to our van to make the ride home.


Some more playing in the snow. Even Gideon got a turn.


On the way home Dana and Brian went to go see Panther Creek Falls. There wasn’t much snow around the falls, but the freezing temperatures made it so the water spray coated everything with a layer of ice.



Even the delicate little needles, ferns, mosses, mushrooms were coated with ice. Everything frozen in time. It was really cool.


This is the icy mosses on a large tree:


The waterfall was very nice looking that day, and a bit fuller than normal.


Things to Be Thankful For

We had a very different Thanksgiving this year. Gideon Orion was born the night before, so he spent his first Day of Thanks in Legacy Hospital in Salmon Creek. The hospital even had a turkey lunch for Ruth.


We spent a lot of time getting to know our new son. He is fairly quiet and well tempered. And he is very cute. Though he is large, he did fit the little pumpkin hat Ruth knitted.


Magnus stayed at Farmors house the last few days, so Dana went over to have dinner with them. The turkey was very good. Dana and Magnus had a go at the wish bone, and Magnus got the bigger piece.


After dinner we headed over to the hospital to visit. It was a very nice Thanksgiving, one we will not forget. And now every year we will have an extra thing to be thankful for.