Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Washington Excursion

We want to say “Welcome Back” to Ruth’s sister, Emily, and her family! They have been in Japan for the last couple years, and now they are moving to Colorado, which is a bit closer.

Before they were off to their new home, they spent some time in Portland with Scott’s family. But that also meant we got to see them. While we were with them we took a little walk in the Ridgefield NWR after lunch at a Mexican Restaurant that we like.

Matthew and Anna liked running ahead of us:


Then Anna paused and posed for some great photos. Isn’t she cute.


There was a cold nip in the air, but we had a great time. Here the kids are having fun looking at the gravel.


We are glad we got to see them and we're happy they are back.


Thanks for coming and visiting us!


You can see their post about their visit here.

P.S. This post is our 100th post. Yay for blogs!

We like the Gorge (and salmon)


Another beautiful day in the Columbia River Gorge. We started on Crown Point, and they view was very nice with all the fall colors.

It was also very blustery:


We did some of our usual stops at our favorite waterfalls. IMG_8737

Multnomah Falls looked very nice. It also had lots of salmon getting ready to spawn. It is always fun to see these giant fish within arms reach.


Our last stop was by Eagle Creek (where we hiked last year). Here the fish were even more numerous. And many of them were fighting for room to spawn

I watched this one chase off the same fish several times.

We ended the day by watching the sunset over the River and then some ice cream from the place we like in Cascade Locks.


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

10000 Days Old! Sure, You Think That's Old

Today, Dana turned 10000 days old. Hurray for him. We ate cheesecake and played Goldeneye and Mariocart on the Wii.