Sunday, September 28, 2008

A thousand apologies

Hey there, outside world. I'd like to apologize for not posting for the past month. It's not for lack of fun stories to share, but rather because we have had too much going on. We went to Olympic National Park with Dana's Dad and had a blast! We made our trip home to Utah and started classes. We've taken a few bug trips down south and caught some cool stuff. Next week, Dana's mother is coming to visit us for Conference Weekend. The week after, we're heading up to Rexburg area to see family and (hopefully) catch some different bugs. A few weeks after that, Ivan and Nancy are going to come down for the weekend! We've got a lot of exciting things to share with you. Don't worry we will, just not now. But to appease you, here are some pictures: Can you see the chipmunk? Bright green moss on the red dirt. Some of the fall colors from our bug excursion around Mt. Nebo More pretty colors

And we caught this girl in Wales, UT.