Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Jensen Family Reunion (and Ruth tries some Winter sports)

Hello Everyone,

After a very busy August, we are making a post. We started this month off with a week long trip to Utah. This trip had two purposes: 1 (and most important). to have the Jensen Family Reunion. And 2.  to finally move out of our storage unit in Provo to our apartment in Vancouver.

We had a great time in Utah and we were very happy to see so many people. We want to thank Grantpa Reeve for letting us stay with him and go to church with him. It is always fun to talk with him.


August 1st marked the long anticipated reunion of the Jensen family. Uncle Lamar did a lot to make this happen and we were sorry he could not make it himself. There was a very nice turn out of 59 people, including aunts, uncles, cousins, spouses, and children.


Of the six siblings, four were able to make it.


For part of the week we stayed with my immediate family up in Park City. We were able to go and visit the Olympic Park up there. Here, Ruth and Elina are really getting into the spirit of bobsledding:


Then Ruth took on another Winter sport, to see how that was.


Meanwhile, I watched several people participating in Aerials practice. Some of them were pretty good. They would go off the jumps, perform the tricks, and fall into a big pool of water.


Ruth and I also had the chance to ride the zip line running over the ski jump ramps. We are in this picture, but we are very small.


After a quick stroll in a rainy Park City we headed for Provo.


There we visited the Paleontology Museum at BYU.


We also wanted to say thank you to our friend Joey and his wife Whitney for letting us stay with them and hold some of his pet lizards.


We finished the trip with a truck ride back to Vancouver and a move-in to our apartment.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

That thing we did…you know…that one time?



In July we took a trip to the Oregon Coast… yes, another one. We just can’t stay away. We went to see the tufted puffin. I have, since I was little, had an inexplicable love of puffins. And I wanted to see some in person.  Here is a picture we did not take but stole from the interwebs to show you how cute they are. But we did eventually get to see some with our own eyes.

 image IMG_3752 Here is Dana “petting” the endangered whale statue.

IMG_6230 IMG_6241

The tide at Haystack rock was way out when we got there in the evening. We got to wander around in the tide pools a little bit. We found these two hermit crabs within a hands width of each other. The guy on the left did not get the memo about how he is supposed to get a new shell when his gets too small. We picked up the guy in the right to show him how roomy and comfortable upgrading is, but he just tried harder (and more pathetically) to crawl deeper into his shell. This is how far he got.


The sunset on the Needles was pretty. We felt cool because we were taking pictures of the same thing the guys with giant, fancy-pants cameras were taking pictures of.