Sunday, November 4, 2012

King Tut in Seattle


On October 26, we headed up to Seattle to go to the King Tut exhibit at the Seattle Science Center. We went with my sister Elina, my dad, Terry, and several of Terry’s children and grand children. There is a full group shot below.


We had a lot of fun. The exhibit was amazing with everything from ancient statues, gold jewelry, furniture from the tomb, a cat sarcophagus, and a very cool gold death mask. It was also very busy.DSC_4387

After going through the King Tut part we spent some time seeing some other things in the museum. I naturally gravitated to the invertebrate exhibit with the butterfly zoo. It was very fun to have the butterflies land on you. Though Magnus was a little confused by what was happening.


Here are some of the pretty butterflies:


Magnus really enjoyed this big robot scorpion. He watched it for a long time. There was some other live bugs, including this honeybee hive. Ryan and Rachel are showing how to be a bee.


Outside again, we got some cotton candy and Magnus chased the pigeons quite vigorously.


Here we are posing in front of the Space Needle:


And a cool sand mural Ruth found as they prepared for Dia De Los Muertos.


Soon, we all headed over to Pike’s Place Market. We bought this really cool Romanesco Broccoli (but it tastes more like cauliflower). We ate it a few days later and it was very delicious. We also watched some fish mongers tossing the fish around.


We ended on the waterfront for salmon at the Salmon Cooker (mine and my dad’s favorite).


Thanks to everyone for making this such an awesome adventure.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween!

We had a nice Halloween yesterday. Ruth took Magnus to my mom’s ward Trunk-or-Treat. He had fun getting to walk around in his frog costume and get candy. Here he is showing how a frog likes to sit:


We also had a lot of fun carving pumpkins this year. We had bought three of them at the store before we knew we were going to a pumpkin patch where we got two really big ones.


Here they are all lit up for the Trick-or-Treaters:

Ruth got a lot of comments on her Spooky Tree carving and I liked her cockroach.


I am pretty proud of my Skeleton in jail (it took me a long time) and my scary face.


And I made this one for Magnus. It is supposed to be Totoro from the the animated film My Neighbor Totoro. It is one of Magnus’s favorite things to watch. And on Tuesday he started saying “totolo” pointing at the character.


Here are all the pumpkins lined up and Ruth’s window decoration in the background.


Later, Elina came over to watch The Ghost and Mr. Chicken and make Boo-rownies with us. Ruth is trying to imitate the face on hers. And here are mine.


More of Magnus as a frog including his frog hopping ability.IMG_0062

Magnus shows off his Halloween costume.