Monday, August 22, 2011

Our Trip to the Fair

As mentioned previously, we had the chance to go to the Clark County Fair with Ivan and Terry.

We started with a stop at the beekeeping demonstration. I was very impressed with the beekeeper’s composure. I guess you have to be very calm to work with bees.


We made sure to visit the animals, including the chickens and rabbits. I love to see the rabbits.  The baby chicks are pretty nice too. We wanted to show Magnus what the chick on his chair is based on.


This rabbit was out for people to pet. He was the best behaved rabbit I’ve ever seen. He did not even seem nervous to be among the hustle and bustle.


With some cows


Dana likes to visit the piglets at the fair. I have much more sympathy for that momma pig than I ever have before.


We also caught the hypnotist show, which was OK. Not super-funny. We ate kettle corn (super-yummy!) and Dana and I had a deep-fried Snickers Bar. It was also only OK.

Before we left we went through to see the competition pieces. Dana and Ivan loved looking at the photos and finding familiar locations (both local and abroad) among the winners. I liked seeing all the entries and thinking of all those creative people that live close by. It made me want to be more crafty and attentive to detail in my work.

Thanks for the fun trip to the fair, Ivan and Terry!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

God of Thunder Meets Place of Fire


We went to Mt. St. Helens with Elina last week. This time we went up to Johnston Ridge. It was a very nice day and we had a lot of fun.

IMG_2649 StitchIn the visitor center there, they have a seismograph that can read you walking or jumping on it. We tried it with Magnus, but he only made very tiny blips on the graph.


Because Spring was long and Summer is having a slow start, there was still a fair amount of snow on the mountain for August. Also, that was the most flowers I have seen there. It was very beautiful.


Here is the four of us in a group shot (I seem to be the only one looking at the camera):


Pretty flowers:


Magnus poses nicely for his solo shot (it was hard to only pick one):


We made a stop at Coldwater Lake on the way back. The water is very clear and we saw lots of fish. And Elina spotted a newt.


Another view of the mountain


There are still cold things in the world


Here is a post to cool you down. Though we did this a few weeks ago, we wanted to share some of the other pictures we took. We needed somewhere to cool down now that summer has finally arrived in the Northwest.  Elina has an underwater camera that she let us use to get some of these cool shots. Magnus enjoyed the day by sleeping through most of the excursion. We think the rush of the water has a soothing effect on him.




Monday, August 15, 2011

Can you spot the differences?


Magnus is a pretty good sleeper. He usually makes it several hours before waking up to eat. He has even made it to 7 hours on a few occasions. I took these pictures of him on two consecutive nights. Though it is hard to tell the difference. He must have found a sweet spot.