Sunday, June 27, 2010

Happenings of June

Here are some random things from June:

Here in the Northwest we have had an extra wet Spring. It is the wettest May and June on record, we have only had about 3 days that have reached 80°F. So there have been an extraordinary amount of slugs everywhere.

This is a picture of our turtle, George-Michael, facing off with one of the slugs. In the end I think the slug won because George-Michael ran away.


One day Ruth and I went to a park so she could rollerblade. I went into the trees to find bugs. I was excited to find these little rhinoceros beetles that I have never found before.

IMG_4479 IMG_4476

And on June 17 I got to celebrate my birthday. Yah! Ruth made a very tasty blueberry-lemon cake.


Happy Graduation, Will!

Yay for Will! He graduated from Eastern Washington University. Dana and I got to go and spend a day with them. After the graduation, Whitney was so happy she and her dad did a dance routine. Ok, maybe not. But they were cute. IMG_4545 IMG_4547 

Whitney is 3 months old now and Will is just as excited about her as he was the first time we came to visit.


Whitney was a little more wary of strangers this time around, but if she didn’t know who was holding her she was very friendly and smiley. 


The day after the graduation we went to Turnbull National Wildlife Refuge near Cheney. It was sunny and warm and we had a good time walking around and seeing the wildlife. IMG_3518


Dana saw a moose and no one believed him. But here is the photographic evidence.


Dana also found this little bat living under the awnings by the bathrooms. He had several little batty friends too. IMG_4603 

On our way out of town we stopped at the Spokane Temple and took a few pictures.

STA_4660 Stitch

Thanks Will, Courtney, and Whitney for a fun visit. We hope to see you again soon!


Silver Falls State Park

Things have been a bit busy lately, so we have gotten behind in our posts. So here we go:

IMG_3429 Stitch

Over the Memorial Day weekend we had the opportunity to spend some time with my Dad and his fiancé, Terry. We all went to Silver Falls State Park in Oregon. It was a nice day in the midst of the record wet spring we have had here. Silver Falls is a great place to go if you like waterfalls. There are 12 good sized falls that you can hike to. We saw the 5 largest and 2 smaller ones. It is also a neat place because you hike behind several of the waterfalls (like the one above).



Here are the falls we saw:


South Falls                      Frenchie Falls                            North Falls


Angel Falls                 Middle North Falls


Drake Falls                   Double Falls