Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Day of the Dinosaur! 2

October 4 marked the 96th anniversary of Dinosaur becoming a National Monument. This was also the day that the park held the grand opening of it’s new Dinosaur Quarry building. Five years ago they had to close the old one due to the poor structural integrity of the quarry (to the point that windows were falling out, walls exploded, and one side of the building was 15 ft. higher than the other). We were happy that we were able to go to the opening of the remade Quarry and new visitor center.


Inside the Quarry is the famous Wall of Bones. It is a hillside that contains over 1500 dinosaur bones that were left where they lie. There are about 15 species of dinosaur, including the stegosaurus (pictured below on the far right). There are also baby dinosaurs. It is very cool to see.



Magnus helped to celebrate by breaking in his Halloween costume. The costume didn’t specify what sort of green, spiny creature it was, so we decided he was a dinosaur. IMAG0078

There was a very nice ceremony that included a blessing from a Uintah Indian Chieftain. The keynote speaker was Governor Gary Herbert of Utah, who also cut the ribbon.


We got to meet him and he was impressed (as was everyone else) by Magnus’s dinosaur awesome-ness.


After the ceremony we headed out into the park again.



We stopped by some very nice petroglyphs that are over 1000 years old. You try and figure out what they are pictures of (we liked the jazz hands):


We had a good time wandering around trying to find as many as we could. They were all over the cliff face.


We thought this view of Split Mountain and the Green River was cool. Dinosaur really has some neat rock formations.

IMG_4934 IMG_3042

We couldn’t pass this up:  IMG_4958

We did one more long drive down a dirt road to see the well-known McKee Spring Petroglyphs. They were very cool. The first spot had some sort of buffalo on it.


These are the main ones. I really like the little guy by the big one’s left foot.IMG_4982 He seems so excited about something. Also, The big one has a cool shield.


IMG_4993That was our Dinosaur adventure.

Friday, November 11, 2011

This is Halloween

This year we had many fun Halloween activities…and many of them included yummy food of all things.

We started our Halloween food fun by making marzipan candies. Ruth recently learned to make cute little candies that looked like fruits at a Relief Society activity. But since it was for Halloween, our little marzipan sculptures were themed appropriately.


Here is a close up. Ruth made most of them since I spent most of my time making the one on the right:


On Sunday, we went to Else’s house for dinner. For dessert we made Boo-rownies. Magnus really wanted a taste.


We also carved pumpkins that day:


Here is our finished products. The one on the skull is Pumpkin Magnus.


On Halloween we had our annual Halloweenie Roast which included hot dogs and grilled squash. And we watched Nightmare Before Christmas as we waited for trick-or-treaters. But we only had four of them. Which means more candy for us.


Magnus did not go trick-or-treating on Halloween, but he did dress up and crawled around. He even seemed to like the dinosaur hood.



Happy Halloween!