Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Snow Day Waterfalls


Mid-November brought a snow storm to our area and I happened to have the day off already. So, wanting to go out in the snow, I headed up the Gorge to see some waterfalls. First, I went to Panther Creek Falls. The snow was falling and it was beautiful. There was lots of ice coating everything as well.


The lower portion:


The snow really started to fall, so I headed back down to lower elevation and across to Oregon. I parked at the Eagle Creek trailhead, which was completely empty (usually a very busy spot). I hiked to Metlako Falls:


And even found a different view of it.


Then Punchbowl and Lower Punchbowl Falls


It was great hiking there in the utter silence and peace. The snow looked wonderful.


I made it home safely and enjoyed my snow day.

Into the Gorge Again


Anton invited us to go on a hike with him and his girlfriend. We had some time, so we went on part of the hike with them. It was nice to meet her and go on this little adventure.

We met on Crown Point. I liked watching this cloud bank on the river swirl around in the wind.


We hiked with them up to Fairy Falls on the Wahkeena Falls trail.

Wahkeena Falls:


The trail is steep but very pretty:


At the top view point:


Dana showed Anton the old abandoned view point at the top of Wahkeena Falls where you can see the ‘Necktie’.


Fairy Falls:


We had a nice time and loved seeing the pretty waterfalls and exploring.


November Waterfall Hunt


In early November I went out to find a difficult to get to waterfall along the Columbia River Gorge Historic Highway. Upper Bridal Veil Falls does not have a trail to it and most people don’t know it’s even there. It found the obscure road and the unmarked pull-off. Then it was down into the canyon on the wet and muddy steep slope. But it was awesome…


On the way home I made a quick stop at Sheppard’s Dell Falls:


And then Latourell Falls (a favorite), the autumn colors here were very nice:


This was Halloween

We had lots of fun for Halloween.


We carved our pumpkins. (Magnus drew the face for the second one and Dana carved it.)


We even all dressed up as the Guardians of the Galaxy. Magnus was Groot and Gideon was Drax the Destroyer.


And we even did some Trick-or-Treating.


Good Times had by all.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Silver Falls in the Autumn Light

Fall colors had finally started to really show near the end of October, so we planned a little trip down into Oregon. We stayed the night in Salem with Ivan and Terry, and then we went to Silver Falls SP in the morning. Silver Falls is Oregon’s largest and most popular state park, and there is almost always loads of people there. But after some very rainy days and it being Monday, the park was pretty quiet.

We hiked most of the Trail of Ten Falls with all of us (about 5 miles). Dana went the extra bit to see all the waterfalls, and Magnus also did one extra part.

The first and biggest waterfall was South Falls. It is very pretty there and we love seeing it.


By this one there is a short detour to see the very small eleventh waterfall: Frenchie Falls.


South Falls is also pretty cool because the trail goes behind it and there are lots of cool tiny caves to explore.


The trail continued downstream and we admired the pretty colors in the trees.


Soon we came to Lower South Falls, which we had not been to before. The trail also goes behind this one. See if you can see Ruth and Magnus to the left of the falls in the second picture.


Going behind:


We took a family photo here:


The trail then wraps around and heads up the North Fork of Silver Creek. Soon we found Lower North Falls.


Double Falls and Drake Falls:

IMG_4025 StitchIMG_4050

Middle North Falls was Dana’s favorite.


A side trail also goes behind this one.


Twin Falls and Winter Falls:


Upper North Falls:


Magnus and Dana went down to North Falls together. North Falls has an enormous cavern behind it that you can walk through.


View from behind:

IMG_4257 Stitch

We had a great day at Silver Falls and ended with a nice meal in Silverton, OR. Fall is really a nice time to get outside.